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Friday February 29th – Self-publishing blog diary

Visit the Waterstones in Harrods – discover that the book has been classified as Mind, Body, Spirit – don’t think this is the best category – I think autobiography better. Decide to go ahead with the 80gsm paper from Butler and Tanner – the saving is too much to ignore. Ring the bookshop in Abingdon saying I’ll visit next Friday and then go to Waterstones in High Street Ken who order 10 copies on the spot and wish me the best of luck – such a good feeling. On the way to the cinema in Shepherds Bush – think that I’ll drop in on Books Etc – but its gone. Get my weekly sales ‘figures’ from Central  – rather thrilling – 12 copies have been ordered from 2 branches of Waterstones and John Sandoe. Speak to Max from Daunts and agree to give a talk at the Louise T. Blouin Foundation.