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Inside Notting Hill


Sarah Anderson, co-author with Miranda Davies of Inside Notting Hill, has a particular place in the story of this London district. It was to her Travel Bookshop that Richard Curtis came for inspiration for his film Notting Hill, which went on to feature Hugh Grant as the owner of a bookshop visited by Julia Roberts. The book is for anyone keen to get beneath the skin of this fascinating place – almost every street seems to have its own story linked to a succession of famous writers, artists and performers. On your next visit to London, forget about the London Eye and wander the streets of Notting Hill for quite a different perspective on the capital. – Mail on Sunday 15/07/07

Praise for Inside Notting Hill

“Inside Notting Hill has a personal insight and human touch that guidebooks rarely, if ever, achieve.” The Hill

“Enough instant cognoscenti history to make you feel you’ve lived there since long before Julia Roberts ever heard of the place.” The Times

“Far from exacerbating the smugness of an area already far too pleased with itself, Davies and Anderson have made a breakthrough in tourist marketing.” Evening Standard

“Wonderful book . . . something I can recommend at last!” Michael Moorcock

“An entertaining read . . . and you won’t find a more comprehensive listing of restaurants, shops and bars.” The Observer

“A welcome guide to a glamorous, seedy, funky neighbourhood – the place I love in all her diversity.” Heather Small

“Inside Notting Hill is an illuminating guide to W11 . . . this textual appreciation is the real deal because it was compiled by experts.” The Paddington Times

“There is no better place to live in London and no better guide.” Sebastian Faulks

“In this unique work . . . alongside these short evocative narratives sit the practicalities, the lists of shops, bars, hotels and restaurants. Everything, in fact, both resident and visitor could need.” The Sunday Times

Publication Details:

Published: 11 June 2007
Publisher: Umbrella Books
Book Type: Book
ISBN 10: 0954262417
ISBN 13: 9780954262419

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