Praise for Sarah Anderson and Umbrella Books:

Unsentimental, lucid, poised and always rigorous in her scholarship, Sarah Anderson is the perfect  literary navigator to guide curious travellers to  new discoveries. Whether talking about her own life as an independent traveler ( including a close encounter with a bear at Lake Baikal, or sharing personal experiences  as a bookseller and author, Sarah is always crisp, entertaining, a catalyst for  fresh curiosity to stimulate the jaded palate of those suffering from I’ve been everywhere fatigue.
Caroline Baum, Writer and Broadcaster, Sydney

Looking at some of Sarah Anderson’s work I begin to wonder why I’ve spent so much time haunting Cork Street, King Street and Dundas Street, Edinburgh; have I just been buying brands, to impress myself and others? If you want a work of art to gladden the heart, your own and those of your guests who will say; ‘that’s really lovely, who did that?’ then you can buy it & tell them Sarah Anderson did.
Paul Stewart, Hampshire

Armchair travelling at its best! Following Sarah’s travels via her delightful water colours, whether they be landscapes, houses, seascapes, still lives, flora or fauna, is a special and wonderful way to see snippets of the world. I specially love the plucky marching Penguins 3, fighting valiantly against the wind in Antarctica.
Jane Loveless, Morocco

Came across this written by Lao Tzu ‘to do the work and let it go: for just letting it go is what makes it stay.’ Seems to me to be what any creative endeavour is all about. As for my two paintings, both watercolours, one of lively vegetables and one of a shady tree, I can’t imagine my kitchen without them.
Judith Kennard, Oxford

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