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Exhibition Aftermath

Back from Aldeburgh where the exhibition went fairly well. It was busiest during the weekend since both the poetry festival and the documentary film festival were happening – except people did seem to be rushing from one event to another. The opening on Saturday was well attended – but only half a bottle of wine…
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En route to Aldeburgh

Sitting here hoping that I’ve remembered everything to take to Aldeburgh. My hallway is full of paintings, cards, calendars, materials for hanging etc etc. My car will be laden … So much to think about … This time next week will be the last day of the exhibition – Aldeburgh Arts Gallery, 143 High Street, Aldeburgh IP15…
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Gavin Young – published in Independent January 19th 2001

GAVIN YOUNG Although Gavin Young reckoned that he ‘fell into journalism as a drunken man falls into a pond’ he spent most of his working life as one of the Observer’s best foreign-correspondents, later becoming the author of many successful travel books. Young was born on April 24th 1928 and spent his youth in Cornwall…
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K’Tut Tantri – published in Independent September 1997

K’TUT TANTRI ‘Romance’ was the key to K’tut Tanti’s extraordinary character and life. She jealously protected her history by deliberately obscuring her past, by endlessly changing her aliases and by constantly reinventing herself. From what can be pieced together it seems that Muriel Stuart Walker was born in Glasgow on February 18th 1898; her mother was…
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Duncan Pryde – published in Independent – December 1997

DUNCAN PRYDE Duncan Pryde, who probably knew the Arctic ‘better than any white man of his generation’, was in the middle of the massive task of compiling a dictionary of the 26 dialects of the Inuit (or Eskimo) language when he died from cancer. Pryde, who had four brothers and one sister, had been brought…
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