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Wed February 27th – Self-publishing blog diary

I wish people wouldn’t promise things and not deliver – I find it sooooooo frustrating. The additional proofs were meant to be coming today but when I rang this morning – I was told that they definitely wouldn’t be here today – and my e-mails from the last few days hadn’t been answered. The printer who was meant to be coming round at 10.30 to show me paper – rang to say he couldn’t come – fair enough but he said he’d get them definitely delivered by 12 midday. But again no. He promised them by 2pm – too late for me as I have to go out for the rest of the day at 1.15 pm. I do the rather mindless task of updating the blog on the website – making every entry something in its own right. In the late afternoon (after a snatched and decadent matinee) I go into Blackwells, Foyles and 2 branches of Waterstones (Oxford Street and Gower Street) – rather pleased by the positive attitudes. But will it translate into orders?