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Thursday March 20th – Self-publishing blog diary

Get in touch with Holt Jackson who want an advance copy – no response from Askews. Ring bookshops in Brighton, Kemptown and Hove. Only set up one appointment for Tuesday but will also go into Waterstones on spec. Do the Q & A for Grove magazine (their May issue) also do what’s needed for Lovewriting – but get in a muddle when my e-mail won’t send – so poor man gets a dribble of different e-mails from me. Very annoying for him. Still no second video blog from Rupert … Post off copies of Inside Notting Hill to BL and Legal deposit. Very late I know, but the 2001 edition of Inside Notting Hill never got into the BL catalogue (even though its on their system). I suppose I felt why should they have the 2nd edition? Anyway they’re now sent.