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Monday August 4th – Self-publishing blog diary

Have talked to an agent about foreign rights. She was positive – but until something actually happens I’m not going to think about it. She only does foreign language so I will have to the US myself – I am beginning to accumulate contacts and am sending out feelers to America. The publicity keeps coming – a piece in ES Magazine on July 11th, the Catholic Herald (nice review), the two pages in My Weekly by Claire Saul look great – lots of photos. A profile in Matchbox (more about Notting Hill than Venus) and then in the Sunday Times of August 3rd there’s a piece on self-publishing by Jasper Rees and I am one of those he talked to. However sales seem to be static – it seems to have fairly healthy ratings on Amazon – but the numbers still in stock fluctuate wildly and ‘more on order’ appears. I do feel in a dilemma – in a way I feel I can’t leave the book – but actually I want to immerse myself in a new project. However August is not a good time to start new projects – so I think I must just be patient. Re the reprinting – I got a new quote from the new Butler and Tanner and it was over three times as much. When I queried this I discovered that all their printing is now being done on colour presses. What a pity.