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Friday February 22nd – Self-publishing blog diary

Today was devoted, more or less, to what I think is referred to as housekeeping. I threw away many of the drafts of Venus (help – was that wise? –I know its all on disc but it felt so final) and I generally tidied my desk. I’m beginning to think of new projects but I know I should be concentrating on Venus. Towards the end of the day I get the proposal from Midas which seems comprehensive and rather exciting. If even a small percentage of the people who they are going to approach take it up – it would be wonderful. The next major decision is to choose the right printer – I think that I have definitely decided to have it sewn and the prices for that vary enormously – so that whereas one printer was cheaper unsewn – their sewn price is huge making another printer a better option. This must be decided on Monday as I need finished copies by the end of March.