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Ellie Maxwell – 2009

Written by Sarah Anderson and publishing in the Independent on 21/05/09 Ellie Maxwell, who has died from cancer aged 32, was multi-talented, with an ability to engage in a wide variety of projects with an infectious generosity and enthusiasm. When she was 21 and at Edinburgh University she went to Bosnia to visit her father…
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Eric Newby – 2006

Written by Sarah Anderson and publishing in the Independent on 23/10/2006 With the publication in 1958 and success of A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush, Eric Newby created a new and lively genre of British post-war travel writing. Before attempting to conquer the Hindu Kush, Newby had been working for the fashion house Worth-Paquin;…
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Norman Lewis – 2003

by Sarah Anderson, published in the Independent, July 2003 There are few writers who produce elegant, witty and perfectly-pitched prose and yet remain unknown outside a small but devoted band of admirers. Norman Lewis was one. Lewis loved the craft of writing and wrote about 700 words in cramped longhand every day; words which were…
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Thor Heyerdahl – 2002

By Sarah Anderson, published in the Independent, 19/02/2002 Thor Heyerdahl was one of those rare human beings who managed to realize his dreams. He achieved this by a mixture of determination, stubbornness, in a trusting of oral tradition, by practical experiment and by listening to people. Heyerdahl was born in 1914 in the coastal town…
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Veronica Bamfield – 2000

Veronica Bamfield, traveller, writer and broadcaster had an enviable ability to take a lively interest in everything that came her way. She had a continual thirst for knowledge treating life as a university and engrossed herself in whatever project she was currently involvaed. She was born in Norwich on November 22nd 1908. Her father Lt-Col…
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