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Exhibition date change

Just a short post for all those waiting on tenterhooks for my exhibition!! I have changed the date – it will no longer be in September. It will still be at the Tabernacle – but the new date is Tuesday November 10th through November 14th.


Went to Genoa for a long weekend many advantages – NO tourists (apart from those joining cruise ships), good food and wine, the fact you could walk everywhere – but many of the paintings fairly second-rate. Grand palazzi in narrow streets, a wonderful Rubens of the Circumcision (quite a rare subject) and an amazing treasury…
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West Dean

Great weekend doing a mixed-media landscape painting course at West Dean with Chris Forsey. Chris and I met for the first time in the Orangery (where the course was to be) and in the sink was a live mouse desperately trying to get out. I tried to catch it – but it escaped …. (note…
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Biographer’s Club

On Wednesday I chaired a meeting of the Biographer’s Club held at the Betsey Trotwood Pub in Clerkenwell Road. The panel discussion was titled ‘How to Survive as a Writer’ and we had 3 excellent panellists – Paula Johnson who administers prizes and grants for the Society of Authors and the Royal Society of Literature,…
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Autumn show

Very rashly I’ve booked the gallery at the Tabernacle for another exhibition in late September. I know from past experience that booking a space is a very good way to keep painting … and although there will probably be a cross section of paintings I feel that the main body of work will be to do…
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Drawings inspired by Hogarth

Its a really nice idea to follow an artist round the galleries and houses of London looking at their paintings and drawings  – living in London we are very spoilt – here are a selection of the drawings I did.  Bust of Hogarth by Roubiliac – NPG    The Distressed Poet – Hogarth’s House  Mrs…
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My thriller is ‘on hold’ at the moment as I am struggling with an essay on Plato for the Temenos course I am doing. I am toying with writing something about Plato’s relevance in today’s world – but perhaps I should come up with a concrete title before going on – 500 words already done! Such different…
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Hogarth and drawing

Last week I finished a course on Hogarth which I did at the Prince’s (recently renamed Royal) Drawing School. I loved it. We saw prints and drawings by Hogarth at Tate Britain, the National Gallery, Hogarth’s House, the Draper’s Hall and also went to Somerset House and Westfield (!) and drew from them. Westfield as it is…
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Chelsea Arts Club

I delivered one of my pictures yesterday to the Chelsea Arts Club – the category for December being something like ‘things that don’t breathe’. When I delivered my flower painting, I met a friend delivering a sculpture – who said ‘But plants breathe’ … I ignored her advice – I suppose she might be right…
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Paintings at Book and Kitchen

Some of my Indian paintings are on sale at Book and Kitchen, 31 All Saints Road, W11 1HE (020 3417 8266) – and the calendars that I had made from some of them are also for sale there – priced at £7.99. Now that that exhibition is over I am concentrating more on writing and…
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