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New beginnings this September


September – always a positive if somewhat melancholy month for me – new beginnings and in my case this year a new website. With the old one I felt that the paintings were just an add on – with the new one I feel that they are integral to the site. Indeed the home page is based round a painting of seals that I did in Namibia. Nicely quirky. I’m hoping that this website will work hard for me – of course its up to me to keep the site up-to-date once its live – but if I do that I’m hoping I’ll get feedback and inspirations which will lead me in new directions. The last two years have been a strange time – lots of medical stuff and hospital stays which led to my seemingly completely losing my concentration and focus. So that’s why I’m full of hope about this September. Tomorrow morning I’m leaving on the Eurostar for Avignon for a week’s painting in Provence and today I entered pictures in two exhibitions at the Mall Galleries and took a whole lot of paintings to be framed. I must think about an exhibition for next year – meanwhile I have a book to finish and paintings to paint.