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Self-Publishing Diary

Thursday April 17th – Self-publishing blog diary

Rupert comes round in the morning and we do some filming outside the Electric Brasserie with all the attendant noise of Portobello Road. He thinks he might be able to make two films out of the session. Do some more ringing around of bookshops; the image of the book is now on the Gardners website….
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Wednesday April 16th – Self-publishing blog diary

Deliver some Inside Notting Hill books to WH Smith, drop in on Waterstones and then go and see Sophie in the new Persephone bookshop. Very nice chat and she is going to order both Notting Hill and Halfway to Venus. A very nice shop with books published by Persephone along one wall and hand-picked titles…
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Tuesday April 15th – Self-publishing blog diary

Ring Robert Topping in Ely to tell him about book and the new Persephone bookshop in Kensington Church Street. Take a copy of the book round to Minette Marrin in the hope that she can think of something to do with it! Book fair at Earls Court for 4 hours – quite long enough. Amy…
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Monday April 14th – Self-publishing blog diary

Busy, busy day. Interviewed by Telegraph in the morning and then photographed by them. Spend afternoon ringing about 25 independent bookshops around the country with a few Waterstones thrown in. The Mail ring to say that the piece is NOT going in tomorrow – maybe Thursday. Confirm an interview with Three Counties radio on May…
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Saturday & Sunday April 12th & 13th – Self-publishing blog diary

Photographer comes on Saturday morning – only stays for about 45 minutes – a relief since I have a migraine and had a sleepless night. Pack up 144 books to send off which takes much of Sunday – but finish all the pre-orders.

Friday April 11th – Self-publishing blog diary

The books ARRIVED this morning at about 10.30 and they look good (although there seem to be some missing – 2858 rather than 3000). I immediately send off the review copies that I have promised and buy stamps for the 100 or so that people have ordered directly from me. In the afternoon I go…
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Thursday April 10th – Self-publishing blog diary

Talk to the printers in the morning who are still vague about delivery times … and apologetic for not returning my calls. Do people realize how much this matters? However by the end of the day I get a call to say the books should be with me by 10.30-11.00 am TOMORROW. Nerve wracking and…
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Wednesday April 9th – Self-publishing blog diary

A little more energy today so I get on a bus and go to Waterstones on Kings Road. Very fortuitously the biography buyer was someone to whom I once offered a job at the Travel Bookshop so she immediately said that of course she would order the book. The printers still say I should get…
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Tuesday April 8th – Self-publishing blog diary

Suddenly think about WH Smith as a stockist. I telephone several times and the switchboard tries to connect me to a book buyer who actually left a month ago … but I do get another name and do manage to contact him. I also e-mail Waterstones, Bertrams and Gardners with the latest publicity news. Send…
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Monday April 7th – Self-publishing blog diary

The third video is now on the site – I’m reading the prologue – but I never once look up from the text – so it appears I have no eyes …. A lesson for the future! Ask Waterstones in Notting Hill to order their copies and e-mail Waterstones HQ with info about publicity. But…
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